Case G188D Connecting Rod Kit, 5A182014. G11847, A136931, & A144024

Case G188D connecting rod kits

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New from Construction Parts HQ, Case G188D connecting rod kits. Obtaining the correct connecting rods for these engines can be difficult. There are 3 different rods available depending on wrist pin bushing bore size, bore width and the I-beam thickness. These rods must also be matched for weight to maintain proper balance. Construction Parts HQ is now offering new connecting rods in sets of four. This eliminates the trouble of trying to identify your old rods and matching weights. Here are just a few of the popular applications the new 5A182014 connecting rod kit fits: Crawlers: 310E, 310F, 310G, 350, 350B, 420C & 450; Tractors: 430, 470, 530, 570, & 630; Wheel Tractors: 430CK, 480CK, 480B, 480C, 480D, 530CK, 580CK, 580B and many more.