The Importance of Your Engine Serial Number

Unlike the automotive industry, heavy duty diesel engines do not use the Make-Model-Year formula that an automotive engine does. Instead, heavy duty diesel engines rely on an Engine Serial Number (ESN) and/or arrangement & build or list numbers. These numbers are incredibly important in getting the correct parts for heavy duty diesel engines. An engine [...]

Identifying A John Deere PowerTech Engine

Identifying A John Deere PowerTech Engine   This Tech Tip is designed to help equipment owners distinguish the new PowerTech series of John Deere diesel engines from the earlier Series 300 engines. Engines such as the John Deere 4039, 4045, etc. This is important because the new John Deere PowerTech engines share the same model [...]

Inspection Tips for Buying a Used Crawler Tractor

Without doubt, one of the most pervasive pieces of heavy construction equipment today is the crawler tractor. If you are looking to buy a used crawler tractor, it is especially important to know what to look for when you inspect the tractor so you can make an informed, confident purchasing decision. First Things First: Inspecting [...]

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